About us

 Association "Women's Forum" Bratunac is a non-governmental organization founded in 1999 in Bratunac.

Since foundation we have been committed to advocating the rights of women and girls in contacts with institutions and media, as well as direct contact with citizens through campaigns, education at workshops, lectures and round tables.

The particular values we care for are respect, trust and solidarity, in order to stimulate the individual potentials of our fellow citizens.

From the very beginning activists of the Women's Forum were guided by the belief in the same - a pacifist idea, which was omnipresent through various segments of our activities, in the field of human rights protection, with a focus on the rights of women and girls. Our organization is active in various initiatives, ad hoc coalitions and informal networks, which have emerged as a need for advocacy for harmonizing laws, both entity and state, with international conventions, resolutions and standards of the EU.

Through our activism, we recognized the importance of the equal involvement of women and girls in political parties and civil society organizations. Our resources and attention were equally focused on working with women and girls, both from the Council of the local community (as the lowest cell of social organization) and the local parliament, and to the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska.

The organization is composed of members, supporters, volunteers and friends, who through their work contribute to achieving the mission and goals.

The values we stand for


Activities of individuals or groups that are aimed at achieving common goals - social justice policy applying feminist attitudes and principles.

The empowerment of women and girls contributes to positive social change.
We collect and record personal experiences and experiences of women and girls in the social and political context so that they become aware of the individual and collective position of women and girls in society.


Gender equality:
Gender equality means equal visibility, power and participation of both sexes in all areas of public and private life, with the acceptance and appreciation of differences among women, girls and men.


Violence is the main mechanism through which social control over women is achieved and ensures male domination in a patriarchal society. Violence against women is seen as a social and political problem that reflects inequalities in power relations, in the family and in society.


"Women's Forum" is supported by our members, volunteers, women's networks of BiH, government institutions and international organizations. Our center enables us to show personal and organizational skills in order to develop alternative approaches in the education of women and girls.

In the past period, women's women activists were members of a number of working bodies and advocacy networks in BiH, which are involved in the development of relevant gender equality strategies and laws, with the aim of reducing discrimination on grounds of sex.